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Saving email with GTD add in

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  • Saving email with GTD add in

    I was wondering if anyone knows how I can accomplish this. When I process my email inbox using the GTD add in and I assign an action and project to an item it gets moved to the action folder. Later, when I am done with the item and I check complete the item goes away. There are many times I want to keep a copy of that email. How can keep a copy of that email?

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    When you process the email with the GTD addin - besides setting the project and action (and in the same window) it allows you to save to another folder. So when I process an email I decide whether I will want it in the future for reference and assign it to the correct folder right then and there. When the task is completed the email in the action folder goes bye-bye, but the one in the reference folder is still available. HTH


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      Thanks! Somehow I missed that one!