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    I'd like to hear more about the Time Design system that I've read some here use for their life management. Does anyone have any thoughts that would be helpful to me? I use a PDA now. Is it worth a look? Thanks!

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    go to and view the online "training" on their system.
    It will seem a lot like GTD stuff because it is .

    They have screen shots of every form and very detailed info on how they're used. Very informative site.

    --actually the section you want is called " why it works"


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      Thanks, Paul. Will do.


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        Anyone using this system who could add some insight? Thanks


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          If I hadn't switched over to Outlook/Palm, I would still be using my TimeDesign planner. It fits the GTD system much better than a Franklin Covey or DayTimers planner.

          I recommend looking through the site and going through the brief "training" (Why it Works) section as well.

          I will also say that I wish their software version (TaskTimer) was cheaper. $275.00 is a bit much for a PIM... although it does do more than Outlook.


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            Recently received email from Mobi Pro (they own task-timer) the new 2004 version is 129.00 for individual users --or not much more than that .

            I think the url was --if that doesn't work try


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              $129.00 is much better - thanks for the info


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                No problem
                --they say it syncs with a pda --but they don't say how.

                I downloaded a trial but there wasn't any sync software included.
                Their older versions used to use Intellisync--maybe they still do .


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                  TaskTimer synchronises with a PDA

                  TaskTimer currently requires the Pumatech Intellisync Connector to synchronise TaskTimer items with your Palm or PocketPC PDA (see Pumatech). It costs around $69 from Pumatech.

                  Mobipro provides a free interface, called TaskTimer Intellisync Connector, to the Pumatech's Intellisync connector. This can be downloaded from Mobipro Connectivity and is also distributed on the TaskTimer CD.

                  An alternative to the Pumatech stuff is to buy QuickSync (~$50) from Mobipro which will allow you to synchronise with MS Outlook, and then let ActiveSync sync to the PDA.

                  Hope this makes it clearer,



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                    Peter: active sync for pocket pc 's correct ?

                    I thought Task Timer allready synced with outlook ?

                    I have an older version of Intellisync --what version is required


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                      TaskTimer to sync with PDA

                      Paul: As per previous post, QuickSync from MOBIPRO can synchronise TaskTimer with Outlook. ActiveSync, a Microsoft product, syncs Outlook with PocketPC. Is this what you are asking?

                      To sync directly between TaskTimer to PocketPC, you need Pumatech's Intellisync (I recommend v5.01.01, or 5.01.02 with patch, but v3.7 and 4.0 still work) and the free TaskTimer Intellisync interface. The version of TaskTimer Intellisync interface depends on the version of TaskTimer

                      Any clearer?



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                        yes thanks! I just misunderstood the promo email I got from task timer/mobi pro it gave me the impression that tt synced with outlook out of the box.


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                          TaskTimer syncs with Outlook and PDAs

                          Promo, schromo!


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                            I've tried numerous hi tech systems-palm, pocket pc, task timer, outlook and on and on.

                            I discovered that I'm just not cut out for those. I love technology, but when it comes to my time management system, pen to paper does it for me.

                            I have started purchasing bits of time design and so far really like it. I'm not able to purchase the whole system at once, but I bought the binder (ebay) and it came with the inserts, as well as a few forms. I have created many forms using word and so far feel good about the system. The data banks are great for context lists.

                            I suggest going to the site and checking the "why it works" lesson, if you haven't already.



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                              Print Manager for Time/system

                              Hi Michele,

                              You might want to take a look at Print Manager (free from you local Time/system dealer or MOBIPRO) which provides a MS Word and Excel Add-in. This allows you to layout your document/form to fit exactly into all Time/system's products.