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Outlook 2007 and tasks for selected days

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  • Outlook 2007 and tasks for selected days

    I had my Outlook (2003) set up (manually) as described in Getting Things Done Outlook and I was happy with that set-up + having tasks for selected days appearing in task pad when I had a look at my calendar.

    Then I had to update to Outlook to 2007 and I can't find in it's To Do list the selection to display tasks for selected days, which was easily available in Outlook 2003.

    I looked that there is a new version of Outlook set up available for 10$ here, and I'd be happy to buy it, if I knew that it would give me to some extent the same result than the functionality to have tasks for selected days displayed in taskpad in Outlook 2003.

    Does anyone know how this is done in 2007 - or does anyone know that this is explained in the 2007 documentation available from this site?

    Pirkko Schildt

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    If I understand your question my screen snip/attachment should show the result you are looking for. In Calendar View for Day or Week, Day Specific 'Checklist type' Next Actions show up at the bottom of the screen. I think this is a default setup for Outlook 2007 GTD or not. I did use the Outlook 2007 GTD Guide to make sure everything was the way I used it in 2003's setup.
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      I also used that view in my Outlook 2003 TaskPad and looked for it when I upgraded to Outlook 2007. I did see that very point addressed, with the answer being that view is not available. That same source was displeased that omission. Yes, one option is to view the tasks at the bottom of calendar, as the last reply suggests, but I miss having them available as a view in the ToDo bar.


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        How 2007 handles this

        Hello Pirkko Schildt

        Outlook 2007 got rid of the Task Pad, but you still have the same functionality of Tasks appearing in a side bar with the "To Do Bar". All Tasks are automatically listed in the To Do Bar and we suggest simplifying the view, like we did with Task Pad. For To Do Bar to appear, choose View, To Do Bar (see shot below.)

        (Note: all To Do Bar items are not Tasks. "Flagged" items--which is not typically a GTD recommended practice, will also be listed there.) We address all of this in the 2007 Setup Guide.

        Also, 2007 brings a new feature of displaying Tasks that have a due date on the day they are due on your Calendar.

        I know this all so well because I updated our Setup Guide for 2007 and just did one for Outlook 2010 beta too, that is posted to the Connect library.

        Hope this helps!

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