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  • Mac and Droid

    I currently use Things on Mac and iPod Touch. Am considering a Verizon Droid phone, and am wondering if there are any GTD apps the with capability of syncing between Mac and Droid (for someone who is NOT a computer wiz!).

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    Currently the Droid GTD apps are a bit thin. I'm not familiar with any particular app that syncs with the Mac, but probably the most powerful one on the market is Shuffle. However, I believe this is a standalone app that does not have a desktop version.


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      It's not an "out of the box" GTD solution, but one option would be to use Remember The Milk ( There's an Android app for it which syncs to a web site, which you could access via your computer.

      You can find out more about using RTM with GTD here:

      Hope that helps!


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        I actually don't think there is.

        If you check out the link below (its basically the android market which you'd get on the phone if you had it) search for "GTD" apps.

        I've been playing with an app called "OpenLoopz", the developer is in the process of getting web based version to work along side the phone app.


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          try evernote to do gtd on droid

          evernote works on my droid wonderfully

          there are several articles on how folks use evernote to implement GTD


          Evernote is great - I use it on my ipod, droid, windows (and mac if I had one)


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            If you're looking for more straightforward solution, Mijoro offers Jotter for Android (and Palm's WebOS) which collects notes on-the-go and sends them into your inbox where you can sort it the way you would any other email / task.

            It's free, keeps your phone uncluttered and works closely with your existing email system.

            Hope it helps!
            ~ Jordan
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              The Cloud

              Really, the best way to use a Droid and a Mac for GTD is to use some cloud based task list.

              Remember the Milk has an iPhone and Android app.

              Toodledo is also good and has a number of apps that will sync with it. If you go the Toodledo forums, you'll see a number of different third party apps that are in development than you can beta test.