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E-fax or fax-to-PC AiO printer?

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  • E-fax or fax-to-PC AiO printer?

    Hi all,

    I posted this in the member connect forums, but I wanted to see if the general audience has any thoughts.

    Our old HP All-in-One printer is dying and we're thinking about getting a replacement. We require one that has a fax-to-PC ability. Basically, this enables the AiO printer to receive the fax and shunt it to a PC directly, without printing out the fax. Does anyone have any suggestions about a printer that you use?

    You might be wondering what this has to do with GTD, but rest assured having documents in pdf format vs paper does wonders for someone who has to constantly search through texts for a specific word.

    That said, the second option (which frankly is not an option I would choose) is an e-fax provider. Does anyone use these services still? Any suggestions?

    Thanks all!

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    Skip the printer use e-mail fax service

    Originally posted by Mischka View Post
    Does anyone use these services still? Any suggestions?
    I gave up on my HP printer after it's fax capability was no longer supported. This after verifying at HP website that my printer would be supported. No more HP printers for me ever again.

    I use a fax to e-mail service I use Love it. I have my own separate fax number I only pay for faxes as I rec or send them and it's very inexpensive. Faxes come to my e-mail as a PDF file. Been using them for years now and no problems except the occasional glitch when receiving faxes from Canada and UK.


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      Godaddy fax through email

      is cheap ( <10$ year) and reliable.


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        Originally posted by Mischka View Post
        That said, the second option (which frankly is not an option I would choose) is an e-fax provider.
        Why is that "not an option you would choose"?

        Does anyone use these services still?
        My e-mail provider offers it for free - I receive the few faxes people send me, as pdf.
        Fax: Something of days long gone, in my opinion: Obsolete.


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          I use RingCentral

          I have had multiple AIO machines and have never found a better solution for me than the following:

          1) Basic laser printer
          2) Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner
          3) RingCentral (an eFax-type service)
          4) Adobe Acrobat (included with ScanSnap)

          I am a mobile professional, so size, speed, dependability, and portability all matter.

          The ScanSnap is an auto-feeding scanner that can scan mixed paper from 2"x2" (smaller than a business card) to legal size. It is so good, and so fast, I will not live without one. Push one button and you end up with a PDF on your desktop.


          If I have to fax a bill, I scan the bill, which is automatically converted into PDF, which I then "fax" by sending an email to RingCentral. I get a confirmation email within a few minutes.

          If I have a document to sign and fax, I print it (22 pages per minute B&W), sign it, scan it (18 sheets, i.e. 36 pages, per minute), and send via email and RingCentral.

          The big advantages to me are that I can get my faxes on my phone while I am not at the office, and they will be waiting in email when I sit down to my computer. I am no longer locked to a location in order to send or receive faxes.

          I should point out that I am working toward going paperless so I do not keep around many paper documents. If your business requires them, then that is something else to consider.



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            I've used Fuji Xerox machines the past 10 years and can say that they work really well.

            Incoming faxes can be routed to email as PDF or JPG or a few other formats, you can also scan from the automatic document feeder or the glass and have it emailed to you in PDF, etc. The scanning quality is excellent and the file sizes are kept small.

            I am currently working at a place that has an HP multi-purpose device and by comparison, the size of the scanned files is ludicrously large and quality is not that great.

            So if you decide to go with a machine, look at Fuji Xerox - great machines in my opinion.