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How to capture computer screen to video

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  • How to capture computer screen to video

    why do you record the computer screen?
    "How to show my gameplay to my friends?", "Can I use some program to record my Webcam chat?" When you have problems of these, you may need a tool to capture your computer screen activity and save it to a video file.

    Besides the case we mention above, you will need to record your computer screen in following scenarios.
    Screen demos.
    Training videos.
    Teaching videos.
    Animated tutorials.
    Animated presentations.
    Animated help files

    Do you need a camera or camcorder to record the computer screen?

    If you want to record every click of what you have been doing on computer, camera is not the only choice.
    Because a camera or comcorder in front of your computer to record your screen is not practical with the following reasons:
    1. It can not record the screen precisely.
    2. The resulting video will be fuzzy.
    3. The recording is not easy to edit.
    4. The video file is too large for web sharing and transmission

    Computer screen recorder is what you need.
    You could use some screen software to record desktop screen to video, and save as avi,wmv,swf,flv format,which could upload to Youtube and other blog or video share website immediately.Also, the record video file size is much less that the camera.

    How to record your screen with screen recorder?

    To record your screen activity with Total Screen Recorder, you have 2 steps to go:

    Step1: Download Screen Recorder and Set It Correctly
    Before start to record,letís download a screen recorder first.
    Setting must be done correctly.We need to decide the region to capture.if you want to record the whole screen,click full screen;if fixed screen,fix your area.

    Interface of Total Screen Recorder.
    Red button is the starting menu.

    Step 2: Letís Get Started to Record
    After finishing all the settings,click the start button.Then a green frame will appear,which is the area needed to be recorded.Since you have started,do whatever you want,they will be recorded.If you have finished your recording,stop it,save the file and watch the play back.It's easy and convenient.

    For details, you can view this homepage:

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    Free -- CamStudio

    A better (IMHO) is the free and open source CamStudio at