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Who uses Easy Task Manager? Need some help

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  • Who uses Easy Task Manager? Need some help

    Hi there GTDers,

    i discovered today the Application "Easy Task Manager" by
    It isn't the GTD app with the best look & feel, but it has a Windows, Mac, iPhone and Web Client - wouldn't be aware of any other app that cheap (19$) that offers that.

    Unfortunately the Web Sync isn't working from my company pc, from my mac at home it works. I guess it's an issue based on the fact that our company is using a proxy server. I haven't found an option to setup a proxy server for the login.

    So i would like to know if there is anybody out there who uses that Software with a Proxy Server.

    I mailed there support also, let's see who is faster!

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    I have heard of it, but have not heard or know of anyone using it.



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      Hi Kelly,

      thanks for your feedback. In the meantime i've got feedback from there support, confirming that indeed they do not support a proxy web-sync.
      (Which makes it unusable for many corporate users, as a proxy server is something very common.)

      Also i've got negative feedback from other users about stability.

      The idea of EasyTask Manager is good, the supported platforms are great - but given that issues, i have to stick with MLO.


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        Easy Task

        Since recent trying out easy task. It's the only one with windows mac and iphone support. also has windows and mc but not iphone. is better than easy task to my opinion but still trying easy task because of it's iphone support. Going well for 2 days. My company doesn't use proxy server, thank god.
        Take care, walter