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why the old posts?

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  • why the old posts?

    what's up with the site... i'm getting only three posts from 9/09

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    Site is fine

    We are seeing things as recently as this morning. If you are looking at "new posts" you will see all posts that people have replied to. Many times, someone finds a thread started several years ago and replies that that. So while their portion is new, the original is older. That's the great thing about the DavidCo Forums--you can tap into years of history and group wisdom here.

    But if it's a bug you're talking about, we'd want to know about that.

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      I'm only seeing 5 total posts in this thread...

      3 sticky ones
      and the 2 recent ones (this one and the one before it)


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        I figured out that my "Display Options" (down below the posts) occasionally change to show only the last [short period] like the last day or whatever. I just change the drop-down to a longer period and voila... they are back.


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          I had my display option on forum default and had the issue with only showing a few threads as well. Maybe the default needs looking at. I certainly assumed a bug at first too.


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            Thanks. We'll look into it further.

            I appreciate the detail on this. We'll look into this further next week.


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              I found my way into display options and reset it away from the "default setting" to "display all threads"... now everything is back. thanks