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under desk exerciser?

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  • under desk exerciser?

    Anybody using a pedal device just to exercise while working at desk or generate the power for the computer under the desk? If so, can you share if you using it while typng, reading, writing by hand, or what?
    And, how is it really working our in regard to comfort? Chair adjustments? Concentration?

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    Reminds me my mother's sewing machine...

    Reminds me my mother's sewing machine...


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      exercise while working

      Jamie wrote "Anybody using a pedal device just to exercise while working at desk or generate the power for the computer under the desk? If so, can you share if you using it while typing, reading, writing by hand, or what?"

      Have you ever tried working while walking on a treadmill?

      I set one up for myself recently. I find that I stay more alert and in a better mood if I do some work each day while walking on my treadmill.



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        haha the title made me think of something naughty women buy/do at work when bored lol


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          Second on the treadmill desk

          I recently got a treadmill desk, and it's easily one of the best investments I've ever made. It does take up a good chunk of my office/spare room, though fortunately it will all fold up if it has to. And best, I'm now getting another 20-50 miles a week of walking, it's GREAT! But of course, you do need to have the space.


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            I had an under-desk exercise bike gizmo for a while. It was heavy enough to not slide around, which was nice.

            But of course you can't use a chair with wheels, which is problematic if your computer is set up in the corner of a cube... you have to scoot pretty far back to escape.

            Also, you have to consider clearance for your knees without bumping your keyboard tray.

            I expect a treadmill desk would be easier in a lot of ways!


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              Have you seen this post on GTD Times?



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                This question may bother some of the die-hard exercisers, but is there an option to put a chair there for a while? I couldn't see myself walking all day or do people do that?


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                  exercise-at-the-desk alternatives

                  I have a standing desk. I actually stand all day. It took some time getting used to it, but not more than a week.

                  My energy level is better, and I don't have lower back stiffness any more. I am definitely burning more calories, and there are a lot of noteworthy health benefits to standing rather than sitting. (See

                  I also keep a 35-lb kettle bell at my feet. When I am reading something, or thinking, or just for a break, I do some exercises with it. Alternately, one could use dumb-bells or resistance elastic bands.


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                    No, there's no way to have a chair at your treadmill desk without some extra construction. When I need either the extra precision or every iota of concentration I can muster, I'll either stand on the frame or move to my regular desk.

                    I did find out last week just what a difference it's made for me, when in the midst of an insane push to finish up a report, it came time to lubricate the belt, and so I spent the next day and a half penned at my desk, and I really felt it, particularly in my knees. (Which isn't to imply that maintenance is difficult, it's pretty easy and quick, just that I'd made the decision to postpone it, and later regretted it. That whole tightening-your-shoes-in-the-middle-of-a-run thing where you think, egads! I'm not making any forward movement, rather than investing a little bit of time to make the rest of your run even better.)

                    Live and learn. And relearn!