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Syncing outlook from laptop to desktop

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  • Syncing outlook from laptop to desktop

    Is someone using a tool that works well to sync outlook between 2 computers on a network? Right now I am working my system on my laptop which goes to work with me and syncing to my pocket pc. I am looking for something reliable that would let me sync across to my desktop (not just copy pst files, I can do that manually). I don't think that using the phone would work that well because it would not sync all the fields. I need to be able to sync my tasks including some custom fields.

    I am thinking about trying SynchPst - any experience with it?

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    Originally posted by lareaarnett View Post
    any experience with it?
    No experience, but it seems a good tool. So thank you to share the information. Then there is also a trial possibility...I'd appreciate if you would keep us informed.

    Actually, I cannot cooperate because my two pc works on different system. At work I use the outlook GTD system and at home I'm working on a Ubuntu/linux machine


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      I use this and I'm happy with it: Easy2Sync.
      CU - Stephan