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  • REXwireless

    Does anyone else use IdeaMatrix or ToDoMatrix on their Blackberry? If so, please share your tip/tricks and how you have setup your database.

    For a GTD mobile app I give it 10/10.

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    No, but it was my plan to do so (until recently when I decided not to go the BB route). I didn't have specific plans as far as ToDoMatrix's features per se; my intention was to simply replicate what I have been doing with Bonsai. I will try to post a link to the screen shot; I seem to be a bit challenged when it comes to this so I apologize if the link doesn't work.

    This is probably a far less rich implementation of GTD than most are doing but I like it. It is all in one place. All I do to prepare for the coming week, say on Saturday or Sunday evening (other than adding new items) is to drag the header entry for "Next Week" down past the last item that I had planned for next week. No dates to change. The Outline filters allow me to change context (or see everything at once).