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    I have a Palm Zire that was running Palm software. I liked the Outlook 2003 so much I decided I wanted to sync to Outlook. I also was running the trial version of the GTD Outlook Add-in. I found that I didn't really need it because I rarely have tasks that come as e-mail. So I uninstalled the Add-in, but it said it might be damaging to remove all files, so I left the ones the GTD Add-in suggested leaving. Now my Palm does not sync at all with Outlook. (I will contact the pocket mirror folks tomorrow). I notice that there is a filter on the Outlook Tasks that still has the GTD categories. When I call up Outlook Categories, they are different and my Palm Categories are different still. Am I stressed or what?

    Any ideas? Suggestions? After reading through this forum I can see that KeySuite might help. I just want to have my calendar, contacts, and tasks in a from that are the same on my pc and handheld. I would also like to figure out how to tie all this to projects, but for now I just want the basics to work together.

    Sorry if this is jumbled. That's my state of mind tonight. Thanks.