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Getting from outlook to iphone to android and back

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  • Getting from outlook to iphone to android and back

    I am not finding the answers to my questions on the forums but I have a hard time believing they have never been asked so I apologize if this has been addressed already. The first part is the inability to set up outlook in the GTD recommended way and for it to function with chromatic dragon and toodledo. The GTD docs have projects and actions both to be listed as categories but as far as I can tell there is no way to map .projects categories to folders and @action categories to contexts. Has someone worked a way around this. The second grand thing would be if the netcentrics outlook plug-in could work with outlook sync and toodledo by at least mapping projects to folders, possible doing the nesting with subfolders on a pro account, and mapping categories to context... the first two would be fine and seems doable where the subfolders seems messy. I am thinking I will post this on toodledo, chromatic dragon, netcentrics and GTD site if possible... any help would be great.