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Alternative to MS OneNote

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  • Alternative to MS OneNote

    About a year ago when I was searching for alternative to MS OneNote I came across a software kind of text outliner similar to but more advanced. I lost the web link and I am trying to ask all of you if you can help me. The software was unfortunatelly in German language but this might be not the case for now.

    In any case I would appriciate any of your suggestion about portable sofware (I am using USB flash disk) where I could store various structured text information. For example meeting minutes, memos, etc. Currenly I am using MLO for my action list.

    Thanks Mailcom

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    Evernote vs. One Note

    I recommend Evernote to people instead of using One Note. Main advantage is that I am able to access notebooks on my computer, via browser, and it is Windows and MAC compatible. I particularly like being able to access via iPhone.

    I have shared one notebook with my team at work and we post updates and clippings there for all to read.

    I have a non-profit networking club I am a member of, sort of a volunteer organization. I have another shared notebook for the board to post information and share it.

    Excellent system. Great support. Highly recommended.


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      I sometimes use Wikidpad, which is a free and portable text outlining program (actually it's a personal wiki with a tree view on the left side to show the hierarchy). Good functionality, and free and open source and you can run it from a USB drive.


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        i think its linux only, but you could try BasketNotes which is very good, and similar to one note.