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Using mobile Pocket Informant software for GTD

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  • Using mobile Pocket Informant software for GTD

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently began applying GTD to my life, and I love how it clears my mind and helps me achieve tasks and projects in a much more relaxed way.

    I have been thinking of whether it would serve me best to use an electronic calendar, or some kind of paper organizer/calendar for applying GTD, and I am going to try to use an electronic calendar and see how that works.

    I just purchased and downloaded the "PocketInformant" for my Blackberry (my understanding is that it also works with iphones), and I am trying to see how it will work with the GTD work-flow.

    One nice thing about the current version (9.x), is that it has GTD features that are already built in to this version (I read that in previous versions, there were no GTD-specific features).

    I wanted to ask if anyone else is using the current PocketInformant ("PI") software with the GTD process?

    A couple things that I am not sure about are:

    1) whether to create electronic "next action" lists in PI, or should I keep them on paper? Does anyone know how to create electronic Next Action lists on PI?

    My thought is to capture on paper, and then during the weekly review, add items electronically to the calendar on PI.

    2) Also, does anyone know how to best use the "inbox" feature in PI? I can't seem the find how to place new tasks, etc in the "Inbox"

    The software authors of PocketInformant had GTD in mind with their newest release, with features added like "Project" filters, "Next Actions" and some other things.

    This is my first day with it, and I'm trying to learn how to most efficiently apply GTD to the software.

    Thank you for your thoughts and feedback.


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    Hi Khashyar,

    I am also using Pocket Informant ! on a Windows Mobile phone.
    To add a next action, use the 'Action' field available for each tasks.

    Can anyone describe me how he uses the different values offered by Pocket Informant for the 'Action' field ?
    Here is the list of available values proposed by Pocket Informant:
    • Next Action
    • Active
    • Planning
    • Delegated
    • Waiting
    • Hold
    • Postponed
    • Someday
    • Canceled
    • Reference



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      I'll followup with a question. Anyone using PIBB and syncing to a Macintosh (successfully)? I do like the Project/Context field on the BB, but it's part of PIBB's database, not the Task. Everytime I sync, my tasks that were checked off on the BB are now unchecked on the desktop. Also, I recently changed which Tasks I sync with the desktop and the existing tasks all lost their GTD context settings. I've posted in the PIBB user forums, just trying to tap in here and see if anyone else here has found a "work-around"?