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Finding back documents in GTD using tracking numbers?

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  • Finding back documents in GTD using tracking numbers?

    Since I use GTD principles I have a 'next action' list to work from. Nevertheless I sometimes need to go back to the original email or hardcopy to look at the details of what needs to be done. I found it sometimes difficult to make some kind of link between my list(s) and the origninal documents.

    I realy liked the 'tracking number' approach described on

    What do you think? Any other suggestions?
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    brilliant and articulate analyses

    RE: tracking numbers: quite useful, especially with date as part of the number, can also be adapted to increase confidentiality where sensitve materials are concerned. I am not too comfortable with a tracking number that does not have meaning but there are ways around that such as creating your own Dewey Decimal system.

    RE: Pile-File:I think the analysis is brilliant. I need more time to digest its applicability to me. I think maybe I could use this to manage my Active Projects.