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    Hey everyone, want to share with us what gear you have found to be the best of the best gear? What are your favorites and what do you love about them?

    Here are some of my absolute favorites:

    1) Capture tool: few things are as beloved in my system as my Note Jotter, which holds about 40 index cards. This resides in my left pocket, a pen clipped to my right pocket, so I can be writing withing 1-2 seconds of having an idea (while seating, they go in my shirt pocket). Unless I'm under water, this is with me.

    2) Blackberry: no surprise, as people love them or hate them. I love its "Swiss Army knife" quality--it really helps in a jam if I need to find an email or take a quick picture.

    3) Uni-ball 207 pens: they write well and I love the archival-quality ink... all for $1.50!

    4) Aluminum clipboard: rides in my briefcase and makes ad hoc list functionality or mindmapping very easy.

    5) Fujitsu Scansnap: the greatest scanner I've ever found. Can scan everything from 2"x2" receipts to 11x17 documents with ease and convert to searchable and editable PDF's. More than one filing cabinet has disappeared due to this marvelous machine. Combined with Google Desktop, you can search for text from scanned documents faster than a team of interns can flip through paper files.

    6) Poly file folders. I use and reuse these in the two file drawers I still have. They last forever. There is a poly file drawer pocket from Staples that works great as a mobile inbox.

    ... as it turns out, I love just about every part of my system, but I'd like to hear what gear other people have fallen in love with. So, everyone, what gear do YOU love?


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    I've just said so in the last few days, but #1 would be Natara Bonsai.

    #2 might be Pocket-Mod

    Pretty high would be the $15 Mont Blanc pen. Turns out to truly be the most reliable-writing pen I have used. It went south for a while after I washed it and thought I would have to make a new one. I stuck it in a drawer for a week or so and then took it back out and it is its old self again.

    Finally getting a work area at home is nice too.


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      Sony ICD-P520 Voice recorder - just the right size, long battery life, easy to use. This is especially great for long car trips.

      Sony 16GB Microvault USB key - this has portable versions of several important apps including wikidpad with my personal wiki and a bunch of back ups that I like to have with me.

      TrueCrypt - open source encryption software. I run it from the USB key and have an encrypted partition on the same drive, so my portable data is all strongly encrypted in case I lose the drive.

      Stack of used printer paper that has one side blank - I can just grab a sheet for quick drawings or jottings.

      Stack of letter-sized writing pads, a few different pens (I like the Zebra "Eco" gel pen), and some highlighters.