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Opening and viewing new tasks/notes while looking at other things

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  • Opening and viewing new tasks/notes while looking at other things

    Is there anyway to set things up in Outlook such that when I am reading an email or when I am in a Word Document I can more quickly open a new task in a small window without losing my view of the email or Word document I am looking at. At present my procedure is click on tasks, click on new task, (might have to click on minimise), click on email or Word document to get back in view, click on task again to see small window of task. Its the same problem with notes which I also sometimes like to open and look at while viewing something else at the same time.

    Any tricks or way rounds?

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    One trick

    Hi Tom,

    One trick I know is to use the shortcut key to open a new Task (Ctrl + Shift + K) rather than actually navigate to Tasks.

    If the Tasks window opens in a large window, you can double-click on the header bar to minimize it. Alt+Tab will move you between those two open windows quickly.

    But that may not be enough of what you're asking for.



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      The Two Monitor Solution

      What you are wanting to do is easy with two (or more) monitors. Having multiple monitors makes it simple to have different programs running and in view.

      You can connect these using various video cards but the easiest way is to connect them using a USB connection.


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        I think you have a couple of different requests here.

        First, keeping one window on top of another. There are various utility apps available that enable this. DeskPins is one example.

        Second, calling up new Outlook tasks can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The simplest is probably to create a new shortcut icon on the desktop (right-click, select New, select Shortcut) and assign it to run the Outlook task routine:
        "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.task
        Then, in the "properties" of the resulting icon, you can assign a keyboard shortcut. (The above is based on Vista, running Outlook 2007).

        If that works as planned, then you should be able to hit your keyboard shortcut (Windows+T for me), which will launch a new task window. Enter your new task, save and close, and carry on.

        Hope that helps.



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          Thank you

          I think all three post above are useful as responses (which is pretty neat). Thank you very much. VERY useful.


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            I think Activewords might do what you are looking for.