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  • Nozbe/ Outlook

    Hi I am new to GTD and looking for advice. I have to use Outlook for emails and calendar but have fallen in love with nozbe - is there any way to use them together? I have been a franklin planner addict and even have their plug in for outlook that I love - not sure I love the GTD add in - seems too hard to set up but then again I have not tried it but have looked at the webinars. I am a project manager for a real estate development company so I have tons of tasks that are mini-projects and many other committments. any suggestions are appreciated!!

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    Using Nozbe

    While I don't have any specifics on using Outlook with Nozbe, I do have a great deal of information on my blog at about using Nozbe. You might find some of the posts there helpful, just check the index for Nozbe. John


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      David Allen - Using Nozbe and Outlook

      Hiya, I bought the Outlook plug-in about a year ago when I got started on GTD and at first it seemed like the answer to my prayers. My inbox was zero’ed regularly

      BUT my task lists were growing massively and I seldom worked on them as I was being repelled by them. I sat down one weekend to figure out what was wrong. I released that the problem was that I was simply shifting emails from the inbox to tasks and never actually doing the thinking about what the email actually meant and creating specific next actions. I resolved to change, but didn’t, it was just to easy not to do the thinking! Also, I have hundreds of @waiting for’s, again, too easy to create them without thinking about whether I really needed them.

      So I moved to Omnifocus, but having work on Outlook and Omnifocus on Mac did not work very well and when travelling I have to try and do it all on my iPhone. But, I got the thinking part done. Before I would swivel seat to create a task in Omnifocus I would think about whether it was worthwhile doing and what the specific task was.

      I have now moved to Nozbe it is superb. I now have the website up on my work laptop and work from there. I zero my inbox 3-4 times a day. During the zeroing process I do the thinking on each email. If it needs a task I create it in Nozbe and copy and paste into the comments to email, or the relevant part of the email. If there are attachments that are relevant to the project I upload them to Nozbe in the relevant project. I also have a folder in Outlook for Reference and one called @ACTION. I only put mails I think I will need in reference and emails that I want to respond to, but would take longer than 2 minutes in the @ACTION folder.

      This seems to be working very well for me. Nozbe is awesome. I also now have an iPad and have Nozbe on that and my iPhone. Sometimes, if I have some clear time I take my iPad to the coffee shop, open Nozbe and review my lists and projects, updating as required and sometimes knocking off quick tasks over an Americano.

      Hope that helps