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    I have used the PALM OS since PALM began, most recently the Treo 700. I like that I am able to utilize GTD with the tasks, calendar, contacts, and memo features. It ismportant to me to have the mobility the hand-held affords me and to be able to view/manage the same information on my desktop screen. Obviosuly I need the phone an email capabilities as well.

    The Treo just died and cannot figure out what smart phone is my best choice going forward given my requirements. Trying the PALM PRE PLUS now. Having great difficulty transfering data and it smees that I can only view the calendar on the desktop.

    My carrier of choice is Verizon but contract just expired so could change given sufficent reason.


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    What desk-based software have you been syncing with, up to now?
    The Palm Desktop?

    What OS do you have at work? At home?

    A Verizon Wireless Blackberry is one choice.



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      I've been syncing with Palm hot sync.
      My OS is Windows XP.

      I was under the impression that the Blackberry did not have all of the data management features I listed. Am I wrong?


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        What Desktop application are you syncing with?

        Palm Desktop?



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          Palm Desktop


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            I am trying to be helpful.

            If you switch away from Palm, then you will need to be using something else on your desktop besides Palm Desktop (which was decent, BTW), which will sync with whatever mobile device you choose.

            Do you have any idea what desktop application that might be?



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              I was in the same situation .. .. ..

              I was in the same situation as the OP a few months back. I really needed to stay with Verizon, so at that time my options were Blackberry, Android, or wait for Palm Pre.

              I chose the Android platform with the Motorola Droid and couldn't be happier! The choice of phone seems less important (a BUNCH of android based phones are coming to market) now than the platform itself.

              Coming from a Treo 700P syncing with Outlook (using KeySuite) to the Droid was a complete paradigm shift - particularly from "hardwire" syncing of data between the phone and a desktop before to now using the web as an intermediary, but in "real time". While it may seem like a really "cobbled together" set of apps, here's what I do now:

              Calendar: use the Google add-in to real time sync Outlook calendar to Google calendar which in turn real time syncs to the phone.

              Contacts: exported the Outlook contacts and now maintain in Gmail contacts which is real time synced to the phone. (I know I could use some additional apps to "sync" Outlook to Gmail contacts, but it's uncertain that my company will continue with Outlook, so I didn't want to invest in another).

              Tasks: (I REALLY like this set-up for GTD) I migrated my Outlook tasks to ToodleDo online and just recently got a terrific Android app called Got To Do which has flawless syncing with ToodleDo.

              Notes: Migrated all Outlooks notes (and lots more) into Evernote. Evernote is a terrific web based product that also has desktop app for local storage of everything you put in it. There's an Android app as well that is pretty functional although it doesn't store your notes on the phone - you're on the web instead.

              If it seems complex, it's really not. The biggest change for me was having everything sync to each other in real time all the time.


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                I know you are and I apologize if I seemed less than grateful.

                I have been usingthe Palm Desktop. Buts as my Palm Treo 700 has died, I have no idea what direction to go in now. Should I stay with the Palm Pre that I picked up 3 days ago? I can sync this with G Mail but that does not seem to provide the features that I have been using with my Palm Desktop the past several years, (Calendar, tasks, memo, contacts).

                I can purchase 3rd party software that will link my Palm Pre with my tried and true Palm Desktop but will that allow me to accomplish everything I am used to on my hand held as well?

                I could switch to Blackberry, Android or others but I am having trouble finding out the specifics of their data management options.

                Bottom line, I don't care what system I use as long as I can preserve and access the data I've accumulated over the past decade +, and I can view and edit calendar, contacts, memos, and tasks, (as well as multiple sub-categories), both on my desktop screen and my hand held. I further do not care whether the data I view on my desktop screen is on my hard drive or web-based, I just need the capabilities I've listed above.

                I'm not sure that answers your question other than to say I will consider any application as long as it efficiently accomplishes what I have described above.


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                  this sounds a lot like me. I have a treo 750p on verizon and soon will shift over to a "dumb" phone and an ipod touch. I'd solicit any advice regarding my upcoming change. the calendar can synch with google... but I'm concerned a little with tasks (I'm thinking Toodledo) but mostly with contacts. I too would like to stay away from outlook


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                    On an iTouch you can use Omnifocus, which has several really important differences with Outlook when it comes to tasks using GTD (project lists and NA lists). If you have WiFi available at times, and subscribe to Mobileme, you can back up your data and also sync your Omnifocus lists with other devices instantly.

                    If you don't have a Mac somewhere, but do need a keyboard at times (and a bigger screen), the possibility exists for using Omnifocus on an iPad.

                    For notes, Evernote is definitely the way to go.



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                      Well, I am getting an iPad (to supplement my Mac laptop and my iPhone and my 64 gig iPod touch)

                      I don't know... Things is my GTD of choice and it resides on my iPod Touch. I also have Things on my Mac that I sync with. My iPhone is only for making phone calls these days. I have migrated everything to iPod Touch (including my 40 gig music library).

                      I am getting an iPad 1) just because 2) to use it for what Steve Jobs showcased it for 2) and now I am thinking I am actually maybe wanting to use Things on it as there's going to be a special enhanced Things for iPad app now and all three can sync...

                      I am thinking that sincec I don't always bring my laptop with me everywhere, I am very likely to bring my iPad everywhere, and it can well work as a Big DayPlanner replacement. Although it is much bigger than an iPhone/iPod Touch I feel like I can still take it with me everywhere in my bag/case and be a lot more productive than with its miniature brothers...

                      What is everyone's thoughts on iPad as a productivity tool? I think it will be great personally. Just watch the demo videos for it.

                      P.S. Mr. or Mrs. Fedex should deliver my iPad on April 3


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                        Some may think I am not open-minded, but they are mistaken.

                        The following questions are sincere, and I really do not know the answers:

                        For Things, if you had Mobileme, could you sync multiple devices, so that your Projects and NA's lists would be updated on all devices?

                        For Things, in you had Mobileme, could you back up everything in the clouds?

                        For Things, can you see your NA's either by Project or by Context, switching at the touch of a button?

                        For Things, can you see all NA's by Context, or limit them to just one for each Project?

                        For Things, can you aggregate Projects into folders?

                        For Things, can you make Projects Parallel or Serial (sequential)?

                        I can better help you after the answers.




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                          Probably WinMo for me...

                          I have been debating this for many months now, as my current non-smartphone cell contract is up in April and my Palm devices have reached their end of life.

                          I won't go into the gory details; I have gone back and forth for so long that I am *almost* tired of reading about what's there now and what's coming.

                          My non-negotiables have evolved as well

                          - I really want a hardware keyboard.
                          - Using Bonsai on my Palms, I have finally settled on a GTD that works for me, so my main criteria for software is an outliner - doesn't need too much capability in and of itself other than local storage and support for indenting but I do want the flexibility to maintain my outlines on the device and on a less mobile (laptop/desktop) device. Ideally via the web for maximum portability but I will live with syncing with a single desktop/laptop (in the spirit of basic palm sync).

                          I *had* settled on Blackberry, using ToDoMatrix by rexwireless.

                          However, I am pretty disgusted by the requirement of a $30 data plan for just about whatever device I choose, so after much handwringing I have decided that if I am going to spend $360/yr, I want get the most out the device that I can.

                          So now I have pretty much decided to go Windows Mobile - - probably the HTC Tilt (I am w/AT&T and our family plan is too good to give up - - such as it is). There is a beta version of Bonsai available with it; I plan to try that and some of the other outliner options that are out there until I find the best fit. I understand that I will get a better browsing experience with most other devices besides BB and, while that isn't a high priority, again, I have decided I want the device to earn its $30/mo.

                          I am taking for granted that most of the decent devices have some means of syncing with Google PIM software but I will live with whatever they have I suppose.

                          I welcome any feedback on my comments; I still have a few days left to second-guess myself.
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                            Jim Boling:

                            An iPad supports an optional Blue Tooth wireless keyboard. It also supports WiFi, if you want to avoid monthly data fees. Omnifocus is arguably the best GTD implementation available. If you really wanted to go the outliner route, Omni also makes a great outliner.

                            With either the Omni outliner and/or Omnifocus, if you had Mobileme, you could have your GTD lists updated (and backed up) on two easily transportable devices (iPad and iTouch).

                            Might be worth a look. There is a David Allen white paper on Omnifocus on this site that you might want to read.



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                              Originally posted by kschimpf View Post
                              Should I stay with the Palm Pre that I picked up 3 days ago? I can sync this with G Mail but that does not seem to provide the features that I have been using with my Palm Desktop the past several years, (Calendar, tasks, memo, contacts).
                              Palm provides tools for 1-way transfer of contacts and calendar to the Palm Profile (and/or Google, I forget the details).

                              For task management and notes with calendar integration, one option is Outline Tracker:

                              For the user who needed to transfer outlines from Bonsai, I have an export template from Bonsai to XOXO format, which Outline Tracker can import.