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Using Palm and problems with tracking projects???

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  • Using Palm and problems with tracking projects???

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum. I've been using the GTD methodology for a while now and it is great!

    After much thought (and flipping and flopping) I decided that the greater capacity, reminders and searchability of the PDA outweighed the flexibility, week-at-a-glance and forced weekly reviews of a paper system.

    The only problem I seem to be having is managing projects. I have my palm categories set up GTD style (@Home, @Office, etc.) for context driven NA items but for project overview/management, I cannot find an outliner or app that:

    1. Has both a desktop and palm module.
    2. That lets you export a specific checklist item to your To Do lists.

    Right now I use Listpro 4.0 and I love it but it does not let you export items.

    Any ideas from Listpro users in how they manage their projects? Looking for any input here.

    Or any simple ideas from people who just use the built-in palm apps?


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    If you have your next actions flagged in a Listpro outline, you can always flatten the outline and export just the flagged items to a .csv file for input into outlook. Takes a couple of minutes at the desktop.
    I have a listpro template "GTD Project":

    complete¦to transfer¦action/NA¦date¦context
    chckbox flag 3-way category

    Starting with the 5 phases as level 0

    I have an "Actions" list in the same format to hold all actions from a number of projects (cut and paste), so I only have a single file to import.

    I set this up because I haven't been paying enough attention to developing the projects on my lists and, when I did, I didn't always get around to transferring actions to action lists. It isn't as cumbersome as it sounds. Honest!



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      I've stuck the template on the GTD_PPC group on yahoo.


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        Originally posted by rossw
        I've stuck the template on the GTD_PPC group on yahoo.
        Thanks... that's pretty close to what I had worked out (mine was a little simpler).

        I guess I'm just lazy and wanted a quick export to the todo list and then Listpro would be a near perfect outliner (in my opinion). Cut & paste just seems like too many steps.


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          outliners that link to To Do

          There are lots of outliners for Palm that do what you ask for easily (desktop and linking to To Do) For PC users, Bonsai from has a good desktop and on the Palm has excellent linking. An especially good one that also has a good Mac desktop is Life Balance ( you have an outline view and an automatic linking to its own To Do list, which uses places--very useful for GTD.
          There are also ones that have good linking on the Palm, but I can't speak about their desktops: ShadowPlan and Progect come to mind.

          You can also use the ToDo list as a Project list-- there is a nice message about this by Michael Randall on the yahoo GTD Palm list:



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            Thanks George!

            That's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Doesn't mean I'll use it, but it's given me lots to think over. It has the added advantage of not needing a 3rd party app.