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Help Me Decide! Droid - Entourage - Touchdown - Mac

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  • Help Me Decide! Droid - Entourage - Touchdown - Mac

    So here is why I showed up here. I have a Droid phone, run Entourage (Outlook for Mac) and use Microsoft exchange (hosted by 3rd party Intermedia). The app on the phone is called Exchange by Touchdown by Nitrodesk. The phone syncs with the server using Active Sync (the only option). Guess what? After hours setting up GTD on Entourage (using categories as contexts, using the Task function, etc.) Email, Contacts, Calendar sync flawlessly BUT - Active sync does not support Tasks! Maybe someday, not now. So I have the following position:
    I want to implement GTD by the book
    I want my Tasks program on the mac syncing wirelessly with my Droid (both ways). Prefer it to be part of my whole database management system, but willing to separate.
    What would you do? (Moving away from Entourage is an option, but not the best one). I hate the thought of being tied to a web based system - i.e. Google.
    I will reluctantly consider manual syncing. Any ideas out there?
    OmniFocus looks awesome, but have not taken time to see what sync issues are. I know they have app for IPhone, but that is 2 years away and I hate AT&T. Thanks
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    You should seriously consider a paper-based system.

    It is the most functional, fastest, and works best

    Even David says so

    I have tried many things, and I always come back to paper

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      Missing Sync

      Missing Sync for Android by Markspace may be able to help you. It worked for me to get stuff (tasks, notes) from entourage to palm. (I now use an iphone so don't need it). The product page says it works with tasks. Not sure what app it leaves them with on the and android phone.



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        Originally posted by J.D. Iles View Post
        It is the most functional, fastest, and works best

        Even David says so
        I have to disagree with both the idea (that paper is the best) and that David says so. I know he says you can do GTD on paper and it's often a good place to go if you are stuck on some point but I don't think anywhere he says paper is the most functional, best or fastest.

        My own experience is that paper is slow, unwieldy, difficult to update, nearly impossible to back-up, and least able to give me a clean overview at weekly review and very hard to manage large numbers of someday/maybe projects. So the real answer is it's not the tool you use but the method that is critical. I could never run my GTD system on paper but you can. Blindly saying one is the best isn't really helpful when it may not be best for a particular person.


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          Even though you are using a mac, your situation is so far from mine that I hesitate to give any advice. Microsoft has said Entourage will be replaced with a new mac version of Outlook, so I wouldn't invest time in it. I'd ask other Droid+Mac users what the best choices are for GTD, and go from there.


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            Problem Solved

            Found out my version of Entourage did not sync Tasks. Was able to upgrade at no cost to Entourage Web Based Edition. Task are now pushed to Touchdown on my Droid. Thanks for comments.

            Also found an app called Evernote which will help with the capture process. Have to learn how to use it.