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This one is tough! 3-person Project Management Solution?

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  • This one is tough! 3-person Project Management Solution?

    This one is a challenge. I run a business with 4 major projects going on at once. My business partner and I are looking for an online project management solution that can be accessed both from the web on Mac and PC, and via iPhone ideally.

    We really like the project and progress tracking in OmniPlan, but that's not offered online. A solid visual representation of deadlines and progress is important.

    We would also like something that won't obliterate our own GTD systems? We will also be sharing certain projects with contractors as well.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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    MS project server is worth considering (it does provide online access, and I had used it in my organization). I do imagine that mind manager's project management module provides online access as well.

    As for iphone support, if you can access a web based version then that should be sufficient


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      I've used for the last year, and it offers great features for running multiple projects. And it's all online, and has an iPhone app as well.


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        an alternative solution

        I recommend Worketc. It is a CRM and project management software ( that integrates all business solution tools in a single interface application. It not only has all the features you mentioned, but gives you an over-the-top perspective of how your business is going, like making a Gantt Chart to analyse your progress. Believe it or not, when I started using worketc, my business began to pick up.


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          Another one I've seen: ProWorkFlow


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            Originally posted by PeterW View Post
            Another one I've seen: ProWorkFlow
            This one looks especially intriguing. Thanks for the recommendations! I would be open to more ideas while I look into ProWorkflow.



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              I am also in need of something like this. My situation is very similar, I am in need of a management utility that can be accessed by myself and my business partner, and well as clients via the web, and iPhone app would be great. There are a lot of great recommendations posted here. I greatly appreciate this, and will sort through them to see what will fit our needs. Can anyone tell me anything about microsoft dynamics crm? Thank you.
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                Tried WorkETC and Zoho in a similar situation. Too complex - Asana worked perfectly.

                Regards, Enyo
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