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Entourage-Droid-GTD-Exchange Server

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  • Entourage-Droid-GTD-Exchange Server

    Finally think I got a system that works. This is for mac users with a Droid phone.
    I use Intermedia as my hosted exchange service. About $40 a month.
    I use Entourage Web Edition. This is a free update for 2008 users which now supports syncing of categories.
    I use Touchdown Exchange by Nitrodesk as the Droid app that runs an Outlook/Entourage on my phone.
    I have a Macbook for the road and a iMac as my office computer.
    The phone, desktop, and laptop are all syncing with the exchange server. Intermedia has great tech support.

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    That seems like a lot of steps. Have you considered just using Omnifocus, rather than Outlook / Entourage, since you have Macs?

    I used Outlook for a very long time before I discovered Omnifocus. I am now planning to remove Entourage from my Mac Pro,, and will not install Outlook when the Office for Mac 2010 edition arrives.