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Quick mini-projects + follow-up during the heat of the battle

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  • Quick mini-projects + follow-up during the heat of the battle

    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a good (Outlook or other) tweak on how to deal with quick 1-2 day projects and their follow-up?
    Heres the scenario:
    I use Outlook + (usually) two separate ERP's (enterprise resource planning). I get customer info out from ERP's and send it via Outlook to 4-6 recipients. I need input from these people to move the project forward. And I usually need to have all their info combined before I can input this info again to ERP. And then I'll pull this info back from ERP in some other form and forward it again to the same (or another) 2-4 people. This might loop few times. Sometimes I have two or three of these cycles going on at once. Projects like these are usually done within 1-2 days. And for a successful outcome I really need to be able to hold all the strings follow-up (waiting for)-vice. I might have 2-3 of these projects going on during the 1-2 day period. I might be scheduled on a business trip during this time and allthough I can access outlook via exchange from my mobile as well as both ERP's its no fun with mobiles screen estate.
    In Outlook I manage these projects either by flagging them or by just dragging sent mail to tasks' waiting for -category. I try to form the subject line on outgoing mails so that I wouldnt have to modify them when they get dragged to tasks. This is ok if I have enought time to concentrate on these projects, but usually (esp. business-trippin') my focus is elsewhere (the heat of the battle is really on...) and I start to feel extremely overwhelmed with keeping up with follow-up/waiting for. I've tried different tools for this, from (selfmade-)custom paperforms to digital lists other than Outlook. But these other tools tend to distract me from outlook's (or synced mobile's) lists so that my focus starts to wander away from my GTD systems core (which I obviously dont want).
    And as last point, I havent actually tweaked that much with Outlook on this, because Im afraid that if I start to play with my working system I might paralyze it. I've thought about having these quick projects as a separate context (or category) but given that I have all my bigger projects outlined in Outlooks notes, i wouldnt want to pull these projects (and my focus) away from that list.
    Any working ideas accepted with gratitude


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    Hm, don't really have any answers, just wanted to say I do something similar sometimes and it was confusing to me too, how to keep track of things. Still tweaking the systems..

    Basically I just put stuff on paper and have 'mini-folders' for agendas and stuff in gmail for e-mails (drafts or mailed to myself).
    I 'pull' stuff (like info and/or my own thoughts from journals/drafts) onto a new piece of paper, with 'bullet points' of what I actually need to say to a person/do. (Not sure if this makes sense? Basically analysis of incoherent thoughts and ideas into doable sayable things.)

    I don't like Outlook cause I need to be mobile with this too.

    There are programs for eg PR work which I was considering at a time but haven't tried yet.
    Some people also had a card-system for recurring clients/tasks on a regular basis. (Which I also haven't figured out how to do yet.)
    What are other salesmen using? Might wanna check or ask around?