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Omnifocus question: Drag and drop to contexts from inbox?

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  • Omnifocus question: Drag and drop to contexts from inbox?

    Nearly all the time I want to categorize actions from inbox by context first, then drag and drop them to individual projects. But omnifocus forces me to do it the other way that I find completely unnatural - drag and drop to projects first, then go to context view, look at actions without contexts, and drag and drop to contexts.

    I can assign contexts from inbox but only one item at time from their menus - and it's really rather inconvenient.

    Is there any way to have inbox view with context drag&drop list for it? Or put "assign X context" buttons in toolbar? Or anything that would let me quickly select many actions and assign contexts to them before I move them to individual projects?

    Actually is there any way to simply have both project list and context list at once? Context list is very short, so it wouldn't take much screen space, and it would simply be much more convenient.

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    You should trying asking your question on the omnifocus forums.

    If there is no solution, you should put it in via a feature request.


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      Cmd-Clicking on multiple actions will highlight them all (or quicker yet, hold Cmd and drag your cursor of the list of items in the Inbox). Then using the Inspector Tab, just choose your Context. It will change all at once. I'm just two days into evaluating OF, but so far I like it.


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        Switch to Context Mode

        I haven't tried this yet but what about dragging items to Projects first (as you mentioned) then switch to Context Mode which will have a section at the top left (No Context). Can you then drag and drop items by context (with Cmd + Click)?

        I don't process like this but it might work.



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          Entering Contexts

          Make sure that in the View:Columns selection that "Context" is selected. After you have entered a task or next action, hit the "tab" key and tab over to contexts. Start to type a few letters of your desired context and OF will start giving you options to fill it in. It is actually easier than drag and drop because your finger never need to leave the keyboard...