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Do you review within the system or by dumping everything into inbox?

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  • Do you review within the system or by dumping everything into inbox?

    I've been trying to use OmniFocus to keep my lists, and one winner feature is how quite it is to type something into inbox - much faster than picking up pen and paper (which are always within reach anyway) or waiting to text editor to open inbox.txt file.

    Anyway - predictably the lists went fairly ugly and I have two choices - either review them within the system, or dump everything out back to inbox, reset OmniFocus lists to zero, and reimport things one by one. (This is not OmniFocus specific, the same problem applies to everything I tried)

    Which way do you normally do your weekly review?

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    Within System

    I'm also using Omnifocus but I do all my review using the review option within the system. However, I do set he project filter to each category in turn so I don't get distracted by things. I found it's best to review active project, making them inactive as required, then stalled, pending and on hold in sequence and just in case I make a final pass with remaining set to catch any that switched as I was doing review.


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      I think the trick is to pick a system and stick with it. I dump stuff to the OF inbox, and then regularly process stuff out of that inbox into OF proper, assigning projects, context, etc.

      My OF file still needs some cleaning up, but it the place where I know all my stuff should end up.

      Each time I do a weekly review OF gets a little more under control.


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        You may want to consider assigning your projects a priority (1-5). I know this isn't kosher GTD, but asking me to "intuit" my most important Next Actions from a list of 500+ just wasn't going to cut it. Now I have 5 Next Action lists -- I intentionally look at the Priority 1 list first, and if nothing catches my eye then I'll move down the priorities accordingly.

        Also sounds like you may need to spend a day plowing through a lot of mini-tasks... all those lightbulb changes and quick email responses really add up, and it's so nice to get them out of the system altogether by devoting a day to the mundane but eventually necessary.