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Help!!! - finding it tough with ListPro and pocket notebook

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  • Help!!! - finding it tough with ListPro and pocket notebook

    Hi GTD followers and gurus!

    I have list pro software on my PDA and it comes with a GTD template. I wasnt aware of what it was, till I read David's GTD book!

    I tried to use its inbox for a few days, but felt it boring (I am kinda lazy guy ) Instead, I started taking notes in a pocket notebook and transferred the action items and projects to the individual lists within the ListPro.

    I am facing some issues for which I need your help / suggestion to come out of it.

    1. I am getting a feeling that note taking in notebook is easy, but transferring it to ListPro is cumbersome and this has led to procrastination!! - oh no! It has been days since I have entered next actions in to my ListPro.
    2. The @Errands list is populated faithfully, but I forget to look at it when I am traveling and end up remembering it a few days later!- oops!

    Till date, I can guarantee you that I am faithfully note taking, dumping all thoughts and actions to the pocket notebook. I love my PDA and do not want to remove it out of my GTD equation.

    Help me get out of this! - I am sure many of you might have landed up in this situation before.

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    It seems like you DO need to take the PDA out of the equation, and just use paper.

    The other option would be to build processing time into each day, and then use that time to process into the PDA, rewarding yourself when you do that successfully...


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      Well, until I found the GTD system that worked for me I went through loads of ways of trying things. If its not working for you, its not working, and that simply means the system isnt right for you. I tried things that I so wanted to work well (like Remember the Milk) - but at the end of the day I didnt like them enough for it to get in the way of work.


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        Given that you're avoiding Listpro for note-taking and using Notepad instead, it sounds like Listpro just isn't working for you. Perhaps you should investigate other solutions for your PDA platform.

        If you're able to consider switching platforms (I am assuming you're either on Windows Mobile or PalmOS), then I'd highly recommend the iPhone or iPod Touch. There are loads of productivity apps on the market for this platform that will help you get things done in a much easier, intuitive and fun way. And as a former Windows Mobile user, I can say that my experience of switching to Apple has been very positive.

        Many of the iPhone/iPod Touch task management apps have a "quick entry" feature for getting things out of your head and into your PDA in a very easy fashion, and many also can be integrated with online ("cloud"-based) systems or with desktop systems. And there are a number of other neat aids available like voice-to-task and email-to-task services that enhance your ability to record what you need to do quickly and easily.