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What Happened to MindManager??

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  • What Happened to MindManager??

    It used to be recommended by David and listed on the website. Now it is gone in favor of personal brain. What motivated this change? Is Personal brain a superior program?I have been using Mind Manager mainly for outlining and information organization around a topic.



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    He uses both.


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      I always found iMindmap to be by far the best mindmap program. Its a bit costly for home use but not by business software standards, and is Tony Buzan's own product.

      It does all the usual stuff a mindmap program does, but the maps it produces are so clear and visually appealing that you're attracted to using it - it really is a pleasure to make maps on it. the other advantage is that its skewed more towards the creative side of thinking that other map programs, which tend to be very modular. Its easy to add images, branches of different thicknesses, unusual colour variations, clouds, and all that good stuff. Since most office workers tend to be more focussed on the logic/order/prioritising way of thinking on a day to day basis, it helps open up the creative side of thought a bit more.

      I normally do a map by hand but if its going to be shared, or its one thats going to be around for a long time as the basis of a project, I either do or redo it in this.


      The trial is free so see if it floats your boat.


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        I've been using Freeplane

        I have been using Freeplane for most of my mind mapping needs. It's written in Java, so it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It's also open source, so the current cost is free. It will import Mind Manager maps, and export for the web, if you need to put a mind map up for a group of people to see.

        Feel free to check it out.


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          I really like iMindmap also. I really love the way it looks, and the functionality of it is just great. It is a great personal tool for me, and helps me to be much more productive throughout my day. I have used Mind Manager in the past, and I do like it as well, it is a very good program, but iMindmap is simply more appealing to me. Does anyone know anything about ms dynamics crm? What do you know about it?
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            Thanks for the replies! I will check out imindmap...