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Netcentrics Outlook Add-IN Update on Exchange Server Issue

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  • Netcentrics Outlook Add-IN Update on Exchange Server Issue


    A small percentage of GTD Outlook Add-In users using Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server are experiencing difficulties, including Outlook no longer responding to keyboard input and forcing the user to kill Outlook via the task manager when composing a new message, replying to a message, and forwarding a message. NetCentrics has investigated the issue extensively with the assistance of many helpful users. The issue appears to be caused by one of several Microsoft events rather than the GTD Outlook Add-In. Most users with the same configuration are not experiencing any difficulties; however, we realize that GTD Outlook Add-In users are experiencing the problem and we are continuing to troubleshoot the issue in hopes of helping them.

    Currently, Microsoft and NetCentrics are working together to determine what is causing this problem. Until the issue is resolved, NetCentrics recommends any user of Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Exchange Server download and try the GTD Outlook Add-In before purchasing. If users experience difficulties during their trial period, we recommend that they should wait to purchase the product until Microsoft and NetCentrics have resolved the issue.

    In the meantime, NetCentrics will continue to work with Microsoft to determine what is causing the issue and hopefully provide a solution very soon.

    The Netcentrics Support Team

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    Is this an example of the problem?

    I bought the GTD add-in when I was on Outlook 2003 (Exchange server), and recently upgraded to Outlook 2007.

    Randomly, when I'm typing a reply to a message, the first few letters type in the message fine and then pressing the keys moves the focus to another random open program. Rebooting is the only fix. Are you suggesting it's the GTD add-in and Outlook 2007 (on Exchange Server)? Should I contact NetCentrics support on the issue?


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      Yes, please contact Netcentrics for support.



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        You shouldn't need to reboot completely. You can kill Outlook from the Windows Task Manager and then relaunch it.

        Your symptoms are slightly different from mine (my computer doesn't shift focus, it just hangs on Outlook), but do let NetCentrics know. There is a very small group of us affected and helping NetCentrics test updated builds. The more information they can get, the better the chances of diagnosing and fixing the problem.