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Has anyone used Google Voice?

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  • Has anyone used Google Voice?

    If so:
    -have you found it useful?
    -how are you using it?

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    Yes, I use it and find it to be extremely useful.

    I use it on my business card so I don't have to give my phone number to random people. And, if you don't want to take their calls on the weekend, you can configure Google Voice to do just that.

    You can also dial from your Google Voice phone. That way, the ther person will not get your number of the caller id.



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      Google Voice

      Answer 1 - Yes, very.

      Answer 2 - I use almost every feature they have and find them all marvelous. My current favorite is being able to call the US from anywhere in the world for free using Gizmo.


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        Google Voice Is Great!

        Just like lfnovo, I use it to keep my personal phone number away from my customers. The thing that makes that work for me is when a call comes from Google Voice there is a prompt you hear before you accept the call. It allows me to answer with a business appropriate greeting. Some of the other features are nice, but the ability to carry just one phone is what really made me a fan.
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          What they said.

          (No new info, but another endorsement.)


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            Google Voice VM to Text is awesome

            I love Google Voice for all the reasons mentioned above..but my fave feature is the Voicemail translate option. I hate checking VM (waste of my time listening vs. reading). GVoice can translate all VM's and send it to you either via text or email. Sometimes it's iffy but if so, I just click thru to listen. I can usually tell via a couple of words whether it's important enough to call back now, later or never.