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I have 2 blackberries, one for work and one personal

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  • I have 2 blackberries, one for work and one personal

    My company requires that I use their blackberry handset. It's an old at&t Curve. My issue is that I have a blackberry Tour (verizon) that I use for personal use. I use Outlook at work, which synchs with my Curve. I can utilize a lot out of GTD with outlook and my Curve, but I don't like carrying around 2 devices ALL the time and when I'm out of work I feel the need to jot down Projects and Next Actions...though I'm hesitant to put them into my Tour because they won't get transferred into my Curve for work.

    I feel the core problem with implementing GTD for me is that I have too many places holding lists. I would like to have one centralized device, though my company won't allow me to synch my personal blackberry Tour with their bb exchange system.

    Would any of you be so kind to share your thoughts, experiences, and/or advice?

    Thanks all!


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    Quick thought...

    If you use Outlook at work, I imagine your work Blackberry is concerned mostly with sending and receiving emails, and dealing with meeting/scheduling issues. If so, then would it be possible to use your work Blackberry only for your work Calendar and as an email/voicemail inbox, but process all of the Next Actions and lists into your personal Blackberry?

    For this to work, you would need to have a way to sync/update your personal Blackberry at work (note: not with Exchange server, just with another instance of Outlook--one that contains your personal data).

    This would not be a perfect system, but it would have you relying on your personal Blackberry almost always and using the work Blackberry to the minimum necessary. All of your work ideas could then go into your personal Blackberry and you would have it when you needed it. After work, you'd no longer need to carry the work Blackberry.

    It's a long shot, but thought I'd mention.