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  • Digital Pens - helping you Get Things Done

    I just got my new Logipen Notes. It really helps me in my company meetings.

    I take notes for everyone in the meeting. Then I retype them and email everyone that attended the meeting.

    I take notes with the Logipen Notes. I upload them to my PC, transform my handwriting to computer text. Then I edit them in MS Word and email them to everyone that attended the meeting.

    It saves me so much time, at least a few hours a week!!! Definitely worth checking out.

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    Alternative for Mac users

    Looks like a great solution. Unfortunately it seems to be only available for PC's and I am an avid Mac user. I use a similar pen from Lifescribe It works great for me and it also runs on a Mac. Interesting detail is that you can also record with the pen and it links to the notes which I find very helpful, especially for meeting notes.


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      How good is the Logipen's OCR?

      My handwriting is pretty bad


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        no special paper required!

        hwend: I tried the livescribe, but because I have to use special paper and the pen is a bit big for my hand, I prefer the Logipen.

        I can take notes on my own notebook, so all the notes are orginized how I want...

        Thats the biggest plus.

        johnaohman: My handwriting is pretty awful too I saw that the Logipen is at least 95% accurate. For all the mistakes I just edit it in MS Word.
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          im am looking for a digital pen for to purposes
          1. capture notes during lectures
          2. write directly into my pc (if possible to ms office software, mainly onenote)

          which of the products u mentioned is best?

          (i saw that logipen does not require special paper which is a big plus for me)

          PLS reply ASAP

          thanks, David


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            Logipen also writes directly to the pc

            David: My wife's dad is an artist. He used paint to create a beautiful colorful drawing just with the Logipen!!

            You can use the Logipen Notes to write directly onto your pc and even use it as a mouse.

            The size of this pen is feels good in my hand. It's not like the other digital pens out there that are too bulky to use normally.


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              Leonardo da Vinci?

              I've heard that Leonardo da Vinci had created Mona Lisa portrait using the Logipen!


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                Originally posted by TesTeq View Post
                I've heard that Leonardo da Vinci had created Mona Lisa portrait using the Logipen!
                That's not all!!! Prior to inventing the wheel, it was first sketched out with the Logipen!!!


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                  That sounds like something I need! I am always thinking of things for story ideas and characters while driving and know that if I put them in my phone, I'll never touch the notes again. I will have to take a look at it! Thanks.


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                    Texting while driving... Isn't that illegal?

                    I'm sure that they didn't pass a law against using a digital pen while driving!!!


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                      digital pen alternatives

                      For those that to not want to use a digital pen, there are a few alternatives that can work well:

                      1) OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software: several companies make software that will scan handwriting or printed documents and interpret the writing into editable text. Adobe Acrobat, ScanSnap, and OneNote all have versions of this.

                      2) Scanners: especially the ScanSnap scanner. This marvel can scan both sides of a page of notes in 3 seconds and save as JPG (to use OneNote's OCR, for example) or PDF (for using Adobe's OCR, for example). These cost more, and do more, than a digital pen can.

                      3) Digital cameras: handwritten notes or diagrams can simply be photographed and the image (as JPG or PDF) can then be run through the OCR software mentioned above.

                      I do not know how well digital pens recognize bad handwriting. That varies among OCR software as well. Writing in all capital letters may make this easier for the software. Abbreviating more may allow you to write less, by clearer.

                      I don't want to distract the main flow of the thread; the above is relevant to those who do not yet have a digital pen but want similar functionality.



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                        logipen is....ok, but quite frankly has nothing against livescribe. It might need special paper but the fact the it can store whole notebooks which you then store on your pc makes it much easier to manage. Especially when you want to email your notes to someone else. The audio-record function also allows you to record whole meetings and lectures and if you tap on a note it instantly jumps to what was said while taking the note. This can be a real lifesaver