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    Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place but I am interested in soliciting ideas from fellow GTD'ers regarding support for developing presentations. Here is my pain: I am increasingly being invited to speak at public forums and workshops. Each is somewhat customized and can cover a number of topics. As CEO I don't find it a great use of my time to spend hours developing content, graphics and notes for presentations. I would like to use an outside resource but am not sure where to look. Any ideas or best practices would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    I know of someone who creates PowerPoint presentations as his business. I never knew it existed as a profession, but apparently it does!

    Email me and I can give you his contact information if you are interested. Not something I would post here, since it's not an official DAC endorsement of his work.



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      Just telling stories.

      Some great presenters don't use Power Point at all. They are just telling stories.


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        In a previous post our CE's job was at least one day a week (of four) doing presentations. Her approach was to have one of our comms team charged specifically with assisting her with the presentations. They had maybe half a dozen different off the shelf ideas that they had come up with at some point, and then each time she had a presentation to do she would scribble some changes on a print out of an old presentation that was similar to the one she had in mind. Then the comms person would do their thing, and they would get together and review it ahead of the presentation.

        This worked really well for them, for several reasons. After doing it for the better part of a year, they had a really good understanding of how each other worked; they had a really good library of material, knowing what worked and what didn't; they built it into their weekly routine so there was never a feeling of last minute-ness; they both learned from each other.

        Now obviously its easier if you work in a medium sized business that has its own comms department, not all do (tho more still probably should). But you may find someone in the company that would like to take this on as an opportunity to work closer to the CEO, which is normally something of a boon. You might want an external consultant to provide a bunch of high quality starting material, but you will still need to tailor it every week, often with small but time consuming changes that are not the best use of a CEO's time.