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GTD Outlook Add-In & Palm Sync

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  • GTD Outlook Add-In & Palm Sync

    I am trying to get my GTD system up and running after reading DA's books and many of the threads on this site. I am centering my system around Outlook using the GTD add-in and Franklin Covey's Plan Plus along with a Plam T3 using Chapura Key Suite. I have a long way to go, but think I am getting the hang of things.

    Here's my question. When I enter a task in Outlook using the GTD addin, I assign it an action (catagory) and attach it to a project. When I sync with my palm, the action catagory carries over because Key Suite allows me to transfer catagories. But, the project attachment does not. I have been trying to figure out how the project connection happens in Outlook without any luck so far. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to transfer the project connection? Am I missing something? Is there a work-around?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    The project connection doesn't carry over to the palm side, even with Keysuite and it's unlimited categories.


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      No solution for transferring projects to palm

      Sadly, there is no solution for that at this time. The PROJECTS category is contained in a separate outlook field and I haven't seen any solution for syncing it to the palm.