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Use GTD with CRM?

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  • Use GTD with CRM?

    I am an IT recruiter who uses Outlook and a CRM called Resumate. Resumate is not as user friendly as Outlook for tasks and projects but but I have to make 80 calls a day that Resumate does a good job of chronicaling.

    does anybody use Outlook with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? is another popular one.


    - David

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    Hi David,

    We use LongJump. Some of our staff use Outlook, but most use Lotus Notes.

    Coach Michael Dolan wrote an article on that for Coaches' Connection on GTD in a CRM environment that you may find helpful as well:



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      RE: GTD with CRM


      I've installed InfusionSoft in my business, although I haven't yet fully integrated it into my GTD system. I've found the GTD approach to be a fantastic boost for my interactions with clients, independent of any particular platform or software.

      I have a mac, and use OmniFocus as my task manager for the vast bulk of my commitments (business and personal). I'm reasonably confident I'm handling them OK, however am aware that I haven't been staying on top of the CRM opportunities InfusionSoft tracks, primarily as I haven't yet integrated it with the rest of my GTD system.

      In the past week I installed another application called Fluid on my Mac, it's a SSB (site specific browser), which means I can now run InfusionSoft the whole time I'm in logged into my computer, independent of my internet browser.

      InfusionSoft has calendar alerts etc within it - reminders for CRM tasks and appointments, so I'm going to try running InfusionSoft and OmniFocus in parallel and will see how that goes. InfusionSoft will track simple CRM tasks and overall management of CRM, I'll use OmniFocus to manage more complex CRM tasks and will tie them back to InfusionSoft (somehow!).

      At this stage I'd rather have one task manager that tracked all commitments, however am keen to hear of anyone else in a similar situation, ie anyone with multiple systems running at once. How do others handle this challenge?