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  • Project list purposes

    Why do I need Project list? I'm quite accurate in putting new Next Actions into the system so there's always a new one to remind me of the next step to move the project. Is there any other purpose I should run a project list other then to remind me of multi-step outcomes?

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    because of the word "quite"

    hi there,

    because of the word "quite" in your mentioning "I'm quite accurate at defining NA's"...



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      5 Horizons

      If you're thinking of next actions you're only in the lowest horizon. The GTD methodology is to get the next actions under control so that we can think about our life from the higher horizons with the focus that they deserve.

      Looking down, our life purposes shape our goals; our goals allow us to choose which areas of responsibility to accept; to fulfill the duties of an area of responsibility you must finish projects; projects are comprised of actions.

      The GTD methodology is a bottom up methodology. You get actions under control so you can properly think about projects. You get projects under control so that you can properly think about areas of responsibility. You get areas of responsibility under control so that you can properly think about your goals. You get your goals under control so that you can properly think about why you are here.



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        Originally posted by Timurtimur View Post
        Why do I need Project list?
        Because only by stepping up a level and reviewing the projects you have as a whole in context with each other can you decide whether they fit with your Roles, Goals and Life Purpose. It's a lot easier to see that you are doing things aligned with your personal vision of your life when you can review them at the project level once a week or so.