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    Hi, GTD made a great improvement in my life and i love it.
    Now looking for frameworks like GTD in other areas of life, for example communication-relations-friendship-partnership area. It's very good to have such reasonable simple and such effective framework like GTD, but how about communication part of life? Is there any really good and complete framework-guru-system witch can make order in communication layer of life. The system witch can be put on GTD tracks. I am programmer and my logical thinking simply can't understand so complex area of emotions, signs, needs and other elements of communication and how to handle it. Can anyone to suggest a great material like GTD, but in communication area? It must be a system witch could be learned in reasonable short period of time like GTD, complete like GTD and enough complex to handle all possible contexts like GTD Its not about perfections its about knowing what i am doing, what outcome i would get if i will do this and that, and what do to to get my desired outcome in concrete relations (from runway to 50000+).

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    Two books that may be helpful

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray
    The five love languages - Gary Chapman

    These are great reads that sum up a lot. My fiancee is a computer programmer and I am more arty and these two books 'spoke' to us both.

    Good luck,