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So what good general shortcuts or skills have you developed?

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  • So what good general shortcuts or skills have you developed?

    Other than GTD methods, of course?

    Some macro, procedure, etc?

    One I recently developed in tandem with an expert Excel macro writer is one to compare two spreadsheets cell by cell and note any differences. You would certainly think that something like this would already exist, but a quick googling turned up nothing except offers to sell such a tool. Weird that Excel would lack such a feature, in that DOS (and maybe Windows) has the very useful fc command (file compare), and unix has the very useful ones diff and sdiff (file difference and side by side file difference).

    The macro could use further refinement since right now it just stops and exits at the first difference. A good extension would be to make a note and give the user the option to "find next".

    But in general being comfortable with whipping up even small Excel macros is a great skill to have for many people, and I plan to further develop my fledgling proficiency in said skill.

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    Speed Keys

    If you have a Mac, I would highly recommend TextExpander or Typinator. These programs allow you to create key shortcuts that can definitely save a whole lot of typing. (I personally have only used TextExpander) For example, you can setup something like "pem" to insert your personal email ( There are many uses for this sort of thing. The shortcuts work in any program where you can type and even execute bash commands. An absolute must if you type a lot or find yourself typing the same thing over and over again.

    I suspect there are similar programs on Windows.