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    A question about collection buckets. I am fine with the idea of writing things down, having paper based inboxes and email inboxes. My question deals with things outside that.

    There are other sources of information that I access regularly. This is mostly looking at different websites for information I am interested in, but it does not naturally come into a collection bucket. Is it the case that I need to create a bucket for them (such as possibly a RSS reader), or do I give up on the idea of them having a collection bucket and they become part of a daily list?

    If the answer is a RSS list, how do people manage sites without RSS feeds?


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    Yes, RSS reader is the most useful for sites that provide content in that format. For others, you can add checking these sites to your processing routine: Check the content (don't get into reading it) at the time of processing, and mark useful links for further reading as actions/projects.

    I also have an INBOX folder in my bookmarks where I add potentially useful links as I encounter them throughout the day. I process this folder as well during processing.



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      Instapaper and Evernote

      For websites that you want to collect or capture to read later check out They also have an iPad and iPhone versions which makes it great for capturing websites while you're at your computer that you want to read later.

      Another good tool is Free to use and good for capturing miscellaneous information.


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        You can use to monitor web pages for changes. The service will send you an e-mail when a change is posted. The e-mail serves as the reminder in my inbox to visit the site and see what's new. Following the two-minute rule I follow the link to see if I can read it in two minutes or less; if not the e-mail moves to my @Action folder for later review.