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Getting email-related actions into my trusted system (for web-based e-mail)

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  • Getting email-related actions into my trusted system (for web-based e-mail)

    Hi all,

    I'm already sorting my web-based e-mails into @folders based on GTD methodology. But I must have missed something because there is no reminder of each e-mail in my trusted system. I don't use Outlook for e-mail, only tasks and calendars (long story).

    So to get my e-mail-related actions that will take more than 2 minutes (e.g., reply to so-and-so's e-mail with details on XYZ) into my trusted system (instead of having that vague unease in my mind about e-mails to be actioned), do I create a task in Outlook for each one? Or is there a better way to do this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Priority Inbox

    Hi Shulamit,

    Gmail has just implemented a new feature: Priority Inbox, which allows you to see the most important and starred e-mails at the head of your inbox, so you are reminded immediately at the proper context of those e-mails that require action.

    If answering to a specific e-mail is in fact a project, i.e. you have to collect information before you can answer it, then the tasks related would go in their relevant contexts, i.e @Web, @Office, @John, etc.

    I hope this helps
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      Hi Shulamit

      I suppose the first thing to say is that in the end you want to end up with a manageable number of emails in your "Next Actions" email category. However, as you are suggesting you need to have a reminder of the priority of these then I can only suggest that you use something like the Start label system in Google or actually create two "Next Action Folders" one with a certain SLA level ie must be dealt with within Xhrs or Days from receipt and another more relaxed one.

      It seems to be a unnecessary additional work to start having to create and duplicate tasks in your email.

      Hope this helps