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Action support folder - do you use on / do I need one?

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  • Action support folder - do you use on / do I need one?

    At the moment I don't have a folder called "action support". I have various project support files one for each project to hold the respective support materials. Do I need an action support folder? At the moment I just pull out any materials from that project support folder if I need them to work on a next action. Do you guys have an action support folder? and if so how do you use it.

    Do you take any materials that you need for you next action from you project support file and put it into your action support folder? Do this mean that you would have materials for more than one project in this action support folder?

    I can see the advantage if you travel around / move between office and home so that you can have some materials for multiple projects next actions with you.

    Any thoughts ?

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    I typically try to append the support material I need to the action itself. It creates what I call "fat next actions" because there's usually a goodly amount of paper stapled together. It essentially serves as a support folder for that action.

    In theory it could result in a lot of paper shuffling between the action and the project folder, but in practice I haven't run into an onerous amount of that.

    You might want to give it a try and see how it works out for you.



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      Yes, I do have one

      The Action Support folder is good for support material for various ad-hoc actions like a form to fill out, a travel brochure to discuss with your spouse, a catalog that you're using to build a shopping list, a note with a phone number, etc.


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        I have an Action Folder for things like forms to fill out, that are not part of a project. The key to using the action folder for me is that each item in the folder has to be accounted for elsewhere in my system, in most cases I have an action item on one of my lists, occasionally it's an event on the calendar. Otherwise I might put something in the folder and overlook it. Sometimes I'll put a reminder with the action item or event ("form is in Action Folder") so I don't forget.


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          Thank you all for your replies. I think that I will give it a go and see how I get on with it. It seems like a good idea


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            Originally posted by macgrl View Post
            Do you guys have an action support folder? and if so how do you use it.
            I use an action support folder for the one off paper items that are part of next actions or tiny projects not big enough to need their own project support folder.

            So mine currently has a brochure I want to put in an old scrapbook, a DVD to watch, a personal letter I want to reply to and a single sheet of paper with the addresses of people I owe a thank you card to

            Project materials for projects or actions that need more than a single thing get their own folder. Or even if it is a single thing if I expect I will need to reference it in future or do the action again sometime.


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              I now have a nice new action support folder


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                a slightly different take on action support folders

                I, too, have an action support folder but from reading the replies I find that I think about action support somewhat differently. I use @ActionSupport as a context and use it for next actions which have some paper-based component (e.g., a manuscript I need to edit, a paper article I need to read, a form to fill out, etc.) and which can be done anywhere as long as I have my Action Support folder with me. So, my Action Support is not only for "random", non-project next actions (which I how I interpreted the other replies) but is a next action context in its own right.

                The action support folder has been tremendously beneficial for me -- I carry it in my briefcase and can thus do action support items if I'm off site for a meeting, working from home, etc. I'll also sometimes grab just my action support folder if I'm going somewhere where I won't take my briefcase but think I might have downtime to do some work (e.g., a waiting room for a doctor's appointment).



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                  action support folder

                  I use an action support regularly. For example, when I hope in my car to run errands, it may contain a prescription I'm going to fill, coupons for a store I'm going to visit, letters I'm going to mail, etc.)

                  I do not like "tossing it into my briefcase" as a way to find the material when needed. I likewise do not just toss them onto the seat of my car or carry them, as either approach has too many risks for me.