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Gettings Things done - Track Collaboratively vs. Personal System

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  • Gettings Things done - Track Collaboratively vs. Personal System

    I have my own system for Getting Things Done.

    However, when I work collaboratively with others using Google Docs to track tasks, I find myself duplicating things.

    For example, in Google Docs, I'll say "Owner is John. John needs to send out the TPS memo" and in my own system, I'll have "Waiting for John to send out TPS memo."

    How do people deal with this duplication? do they forgo their personal system and simply track everything in the Google Docs?

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    Are you ultimately responsible for every task or project on that shared list? If you are then I suggest you do track the reminders in your own system in addition to the shared system so that you see all of your commitments in one place. You don't need anything else but a reminder of the project and the next action in your system; put the rest of it in your group's workload management system.


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      There will be duplication if you are collaborating with others

      I would not give up my trusted personal system in a collaborative project. There will be duplication in those cases.


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        I'd suggest it's not duplication per se, as the two items reflect different commitments.

        You've got your GTD system and John has John's GTD system. The two actors have different relationships to "Send the memo". For you, in your system, it's a Waiting For. For John, in John's system, it's a Next Action. For the guy waiting to get the memo, it might be a different sort of Waiting For.

        That's all perfectly normal non-problematic GTD practice.



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          Each week, I will go over this collaborative tracking document to get updates from my team.

          I'm still torn between less duplication vs. 100% duplication:

          Here's an example with less duplication:
          Pro: the necessity of duplicate tracking depends on how urgently I need the "Waiting for"?. For example, if I have a weekly meeting to review the progress of this tracking document, then I won't need "Waiting Fors" that have a greater than 1 week deadline.

          Con: Need to check more bins for project status. Need a stub project anyway in my system to remind me that I have this project during my Weekly Review OR add checking this collaborative document into my weekly review.

          Here's an example with 100% duplication
          Pro: Instead of opening up the collaborative document, and having more "bins" to check, I will be able to see my "Waiting Fors" in once place and project status.

          Con: Will be using GTD as a way to see project status instead of simply make sure I'm moving forward

          What do you guys think?


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            I've heard of people having a Projects-Delegated list in their system for projects that they delegate to other team members but are ultimately responsible for getting done. Their next actions are usually calendared actions like status update meetings. So while they may not have @Waiting For actions in their systems related to these projects, they definitely have the reminder of the outcome on their own Projects or Projects-Delegated list.

            Bottom Line: You need a reminder in your own system that there's an open loop in your life that you've tasked someone else to close for you.


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              Thanks ellobogrande,

              I think I'll try out the Projects-Delegated list to remind me to run the meeting