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The David Allen Company

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  • The David Allen Company

    It's always interesting ordering something from people who represent themselves as whizzes at running a business.

    I recently received my GTD Fast tapes. The plastic case in which all the separate cassettes are stored was torn and falling apart. So I called The David Allen Co. and left a message. Some bright cheerful person called me back and said they'd ship out another. I just received it.

    So, just in case you thought that DA's company might be a disorganized, unpleasant mess , I can tell you from my little glimpse of it that it appears to be well run.


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    Yes , every contact that I've had with Davidco for product purchases has been pleasant , professional and prompt. They were even quick to refund my money when I wasn't pleased with the first version of the add-in .

    I've since purchased it again since the major improvements were made.


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      Thank you, Everyone...

      This is so nice to hear, everyone in the office will be thrilled to hear how happy you were!


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        The David Allen Company

        My experience has been the same. I've dealt with most of the folks at The David Allen Company -- in person, on the phone, by e-mail, etc. -- and have found them all, without exception, to be wonderful people, very attentive to the needs and interests of their customers. Two of David's Rules of Engagement -- which, I'll admit, I've stolen for my own version of the Rules of Engagement -- are "We think long-term relationships are the best" and "We exceed expectations for service." I think those two principles -- and the buy-in of all the folks there -- explain the great service we get from them. (Think what a difference it would make if more people adopted those two principles.)


        Randy Stokes


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          rules of engagement

          I like the concept of rules of engagement and wonder what other rules people have for dealing with clients.

          I first came across this idea from the Australian dentist Paddi Lund,

          Anybody got any additional rules?


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            I agree, The David Allen Company's customer service is superb. I had some difficulty a little over a year ago ordering something from the Web site. It was resolved quickly, courteously, and effectively.