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    I´d like to share some of my attempts to apply GTD to my work as a teacher.

    Each year I have about 10 classes. In each class there are about 7 mayor themes to treat.
    For years I fought with an increasing amount of paper-based information.
    Then I tried this:
    Each class is treated like a project, each mayor theme as a sub-project.
    I bought a lot of file folders which contain 20 transparent sheets and stuck in every paper which I need for the daily use when I´m concerned with that mayor theme. So for example, there is one folder with all the current copies for Goethe´s "Faust", one for Schillers "Maria Stuart" and so on.

    In GTD terms, all the folders which currently are not active, are reference material.
    The actually active sub-projects (=files) are on a seperate shelf.
    When I go to scool, I grab the 4-6 file folders from that shelf which me serve on that day (like @support material) and make fotocopies for the pupils when needed.

    When I´m through with a subject, that folder returns on the reference material shelf and is replaced by the now actual folder.