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observations on 50.000 ft

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  • observations on 50.000 ft

    GTD is imo the perfect methodology for things to be done (as simple as possible, as complex as needed), on the "horizontal axis".

    It is furthermore of maximal interest to me for incorporating the higher levels of prospective (vertical axis).

    Anyhow, recently I found that the hint to review the level of 50.000 ft only once a year is misleading, at least for a lot of people.
    Religious people, who are bound to Christianity, Jewish faith or Islam, attend a religious service once a week. This is, in GTD terms, the level of "why I am on this planet", i.e. the 50.000 ft level.
    When a religious person is praying more often, let's say on a daily base, there is a connection with the 50.000 ft level even on every day.

    This aspect seems a bit neglected and therefor obscured by the advice of touching the highest level only once a year.

    What do you think?

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    I think your note confuses "reviewing" with "touching into" --which are different things. Of course you would be conscious, aware and touching into all of your levels as you operate on the planet--probably moment to moment. My 50,000 level is to "Love it all no matter what." I would sure hope I'm not waiting until my formal "review" once a year to make sure I'm aligned with that intention!



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      Praying and services

      I certainly touch 50,000 ft more often than once a year but for prayer and services are much more inline with daily and weekly reviews than with specific horizons. Prayer is the time to back off and look to god and let your heart turn to heaven (something that GTD actually helps because of the clear head) I actually have daily checklists to pray at specific times off the day built into my GTD system so I can be sure that my commitment to prayer and God (50,000 ft.) is being taken care of at my next actions (runway).

      weekly church services are so similar to my weekly review that I often consider it an extension of them. GTD for me is the major tool I use to push of the "natural man" so I can focus on heaven and purposefully let my mind dwell on those "higher" things, instead of buy bread, fix faucet, and restructure finances. At church, things of a 50,000 ft nature are dealt with and talked about, but what's my purpose fo the planet doesn't change every week, it's just reviewed and reinforced, Just like a weekly review. Where do you think David got the idea?

      The yearly suggestion is IMO more about actual reevaluation of your purpose on the planet. Has it changed and you just haven't stopped to really notice? In the religious sense, has a calling from god changed your previously certain future? Did god teach you something that changed where you thought 50,000 ft actually was? Has god shown you 60,000 ft? That's the real purpose fo the yearly 50,000 ft review. Re-center and if it still is the correct center, what needs to happen now? How has your vision changed? How have your goals changed? How should they change? Which projects/goals should you drop because they really have nothing to do with your (hopefully matured) purpose on the planet?