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Inserting Excel Spreadsheets into "Tasks"

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  • Inserting Excel Spreadsheets into "Tasks"

    Hi all -
    Set up my outlook 2003 Tasks this morning as GTD suggests.
    I have a question. I often have multiple entries under a particluar
    entry in a category. So, I wanted to insert a spreadsheet to
    mark a date and what responses were.

    I can insert the spreadsheet fine, do my edits, but when I click off of the spreadsheet, it goes to a table looking 'object' with 4 black squares at the corner.
    At that point I am unable to re-edit it. If I click on it and the 4 squares appear in the corner and start typing,
    the spreadsheet disappears.

    I even tried going to edit -> Worksheet Object -> Edit
    and -> Open

    It does not re-open it for editing.

    Any ideas?
    I would like for the spreadsheet object to be re-editable for each time I need to.

    (GTD Newbie)
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