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    I got a new labeler
    my first one, both for USB and carry around

    N/A unpack it
    N/A read handbook
    N/A attack to power supply
    all power sockets around my PC are occupied
    -> I have to purge the cable mess behind my desk
    a labeler would be nice for identifying all the attacked stuff
    N/A buy new 5outlet strip
    N/A purge cable mess
    N/A read manual
    N/A label power cords

    hope I will benefit from this

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    sounds familiar!



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      i read all the threads and excerpts about the labeler, and still am not convinced in getting one!
      i guess i do too much of digital filling, and the labeler would not have so much action... and the pen is fast

      let me know how was your experience!


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        I donīt have time to do all my backlog at the moment
        (see other post),

        but the reference material I take in my hands actually I label
        its very nice , much more ordinate than before


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          I was really skeptical about a labeller too.

          However, David points out that objects can have symbolic value as well as utility.

          I believed that standard letter trays that opened to the front were fine, used them for years - no problem. Then when I moved my old ones were due a rfresh cos they were old and tired. I got side opening ones, that were deep and some risers, added a fourth tray - and has it been life changing - probably not. But is there a good difference from doing it - yes. Its a number of small almost intangibles that add up.

          And it can be the same with a labeller, its not going to revolutionise your world, although being able to read labels can have that effect, its going to make things different in small ways that are just a little bit better.