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Do you pre-choose next action to do?

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  • Do you pre-choose next action to do?

    I don't know how to make a poll so would provide options here. When do you choose a Next Action to do: first thing in the morning, at the current moment or in the evening for the upcoming day. Would be interesting to know when David Allen does it himself.

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    Most of my action choices are made in the moment, but regular (especially weekly) reviews of my system guide my intuition behind the choices.

    There can be value in choosing a handful of actions to do at the start of your day (there's a habit called making an MIT (Most Important Tasks) list in ZTD (Zen-to-Done, an offshoot of GTD), but you need to be able to recalibrate that list in a moment's notice if your world changes to the point where that list no longer has the highest priorities on them.