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  • Areas of Focus/Responsibility--Files

    How do you integrate your area of focus/responsibility files? For example, let's say you have the following areas: career, health, household, relationships, finances, GTD.

    As a result of those areas you may come up with a project which would result in it's own project file folder. You may have other ideas for each of those areas that you're not acting upon right now. You might have reference materials for someday projects or for completed projects.

    How are others dealing with this?

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    Originally posted by debbieg View Post
    How do you integrate your area of focus/responsibility files?
    I have one large physical and one large digital filing system. The physical one is strict alphabetical. I have an Area of Focus Called Personal Development. Within that is one section that is knitting. I have a physical and a digital folder called Knitting Patterns that has all the various patterns for projects I have on my someday/maybe list. Some of my patterns are digital files and some are paper which is why I have 2 folders named the same but located in different places. One on my computer in the folder General reference and one in my file cabinet. . I also have a couple of separately labeled folders "Knitting - Badgerface Cardigan" and "Knitting - Shooting Socks" that contain details about specific projects. Right now the cardigan project is on hold but the shooting socks is active. So the paper folder that has my notes for the shooting socks project (I'm redacting a pattern from an existing sock and trying to knit a pair) is located in a drawer right beside my desk. The paper folder with my notes on the cardigan project is filed in my filing cabinet under Knitting. When I decide to start working on it again I'll pull that folder out to project support area of my filing system. When I finish the socks I may archive the paper file or I may trash it, not sure yet.

    So I have folders with general stuff or ideas for someday maybe projects by area of focus and I also have folders for both someday projects with a lot of data collected already and for active projects as required.


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      [QUOTE=Oogiem;83696]I'll pull that folder out to project support area of my filing system.

      Can you expand on the "project Support" Area of your filing system?